Customs & Duties

The price of our items does not include any customs duties. We just charge you the item cost price (inclusive GST already) and shipping cost (for international buyer). If you are charged of a VAT, you need to pay to your custom, you need to pay taxes or duties on imported goods. But some categories and goods are under a certain value do not incur taxes. 


The rules of law, regulations, customs duty are different in all countries. Buyer has a responsibility to find out information before you make an order.


Buyer must pay import tax, additional duty and sales tax. cannot help you to calculate the amount or make the prepayment. Please make sure you are aware of the possibility of having to pay taxes when receiving the item.


Please note that if Customs duty (including consumption tax, replacement fee, etc.) is charged, the purchaser who is the recipient will be responsible for it.


Does it always get taxed?


Follow the Customs policies of the Country/Region where your shipping destination is located, there are cases where Customs duties and consumption taxes are levied based on the total value of the article(s) and factors such as quantity, size, or weight.


Each country/region has its own laws and regulations for Customs policies.


Unfortunately, we cannot inform you about the Customs duty rate and whether taxes will be levied or not in advance. As for the products that can be imported by individuals, quantities, amounts, Customs and other related issues, please be sure to check the laws and local Customs policies regarding personal imports.


Please note that whether it will be taxed depends on local Customs, and we are unaware of all taxation details.